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Salon Management Tips: How To Motivate Employees

Salon Management Tips: How To Motivate Employees

Whether you’re a brand new salon manager, or you’ve been in the hair salon management game for years, sometimes it can be a little difficult to keep levels of motivation at a high. However, all it takes is some strategic thinking to get your employee motivation in place! Here at Hairdressing Supplies Lincoln, we have listed our top motivation tips to help you as a salon manager to boost employee engagement and motivation in the salon.


The first salon management tip to help you boost employee motivation is to set achievable goals. It’s all well and good setting goals that you want the business to achieve as a salon manager, however, you always need to take into consideration whether your employees can realistically meet those goals. Instead, why not ask your salon staff what goals they would personally like to achieve, then you can use their goals to help to assist with meeting the business goals too.


Another idea to help motivate your staff is to recognise their hard work and offer rewards. Offering rewards to your salon staff is a great incentive to increase overall salon motivation levels. The rewards do not even have to be monetary, instead, why not try offering flexible working hours or even rewarding your staff with fun team building days out!


A little healthy competition never hurt anybody, so why not introduce some fun team games and targets into the salon. When your team members work together towards a company goal or to meet a target, it allows your team to work together and push one another, leading to higher levels of productivity and motivation in the salon.


As you will already be aware, no matter what industry you operate in, delivering training to employees is critical. One of the key reasons for offering training to employees is that it allows them to keep their knowledge fresh and skills sharp. On the other hand, in an ever changing industry just like the hairdressing sector - new trends are arising all of the time. Therefore, this is why it is important to always invest in frequent and up to date training for your salon staff.


Whether your salon employees have helped the company to hit a huge target, or they’ve just had a productive day at work - no matter what the circumstance, you should always say thank you. These two words can make a huge difference to how your staff feel at work and it will also help to increase their motivation levels too. On the other hand, it's also a massive bonus that saying thank you is completely free and costs you or the business nothing at all.

We hope that you have gained some valuable tips from this blog, and are now well on your way to upping the motivation levels of your salon staff. If you’re looking for more blogs related to all things hairdressing check them out by clicking here, and don’t forget that we a brand new blog every single week so keep an eye for those!



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