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Welcome to our Fanola hair care category page. Fanola is a well-known and respected brand in the hair care industry. It’s known for its high-quality, professional-grade products designed to meet the needs of stylists and salons.

The brand's line includes shampoos, conditioners, treatments, and styling products. Each is formulated to address a wide range of hair care concerns. From nourishing and strengthening dry, damaged hair to adding volume and shine to fine, limp hair, Fanola has something for everyone.

Whether you're looking for something specific or want to explore the full range of Fanola hair care products, we have you covered. Browse our selection and discover why Fanola is a favourite among professional hair stylists worldwide.

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Fanola Tinting Brush
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Fanola FAQ 

What is the grey coverage? 

Fanola Color is a 100% grey coverage permanent professional hair colour with excellent durability and you can easily achieve this through mixing 1:1.5 with your chosen volume of peroxide for up to 45 minutes. 

How many shades are there? 

There are 119 shades in the Fanola Color Range plus a range of Color Correctors and Color Toner Shades.

What is the Mixing ratio/timings?

For permanent results mix Fanola Colour Professional Hair Colouring Cream at a 1:1.5 ratio with your desired Fanola Color Peroxide and allow it to develop for 25-45 minutes depending on desired effect. 

For super lighteners mix 1:2 ratio with the Fanola Color 40 vol Peroxide and process for 55-60 minutes this can help you achieve 4-5 levels of lift, depending. 

For depositing colour, 70% grey, mix Fanola Color Hair Colouring Cream at a 1:1.5 mixing ratio with the Fanola Color 5 Volume Peroxide and allow it to develop for up to 30 minutes. This will only deposit colour and will not lift any levels, this is a tone on tone service.

For a full technical breakdown and colour wheel please download the technical guide. 

Can you use Fanola Color to tone or is there a different range of semi-permanent? 

With the dynamic range, you can create a tone on tone colour by mixing Fanola Color Professional Toners, natural and silver at a 1:1.5 ratio with the Fanola Color 5 volume peroxide and allowing the colour to develop for 30 minutes. 

What other products are in this range? 

In addition to the Fanola Color Professional Hair Colouring Cream, Correctors and Toner there is the Fanola No Yellow Color Ice Superlighteners and the Fanola No Yellow Color Toner as well as the Fanola Free Paint Direct Colour Range. 

Does it have a range of matching shampoos? 

Fanola Color Professional Colouring Cream works best when used alongside Fanola Botugen Restructuring Range for colouring hair and Fanola No Yellow or No Orange when bleaching hair. 

I use letters not numbers, what would 7WB be? 

The number system works quite simply when used alongside our color wheel and Fanola Shade Chart. 

The first number is the tone height, followed by series and in some cases secondary reflect or shade. 

For example 7.77 

7 would be the level and .7 would be the series and the final 7 would be the secondary reflect shade. Creating an intense warm brown hair colour. 

What is the consistency? 

Creamy consistency with a gentle sweet smelling fragrance

Does it have matching peroxides? 

Yes, there is a dedicated range of Fanola Color Peroxides ranging from the 3.5 Fanola Color Activator to the Fanola Color 40 Vol Peroxide. 

What bleaches are in the Fanoloa Color Range? 

Fanola No Yellow 9 Tone Bleaching Powder is available to use for all bleaching and you can use Fanola No Yellow Violet Bleaching Cream. 

Is it more expensive than my usual colour? 

No, Fanola Color Professional Hair Colouring cream currently retails at a similar if not more affordable price than other Colour Brands. Fanola believes that this professional salon range should be accessible to all professional creative colourists.  

Currently Hairdressing Supplies Lincoln offers two introductory colour bundles for you to try out the Fanola Color Hair Colouring shades. 

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