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Top Hairstyles And Hair Care Products For Winter 2020

Top Hairstyles And Hair Care Products For Winter 2020

As it is officially winter, there is no better time than now to be telling your clients about how they can up their hair game for the colder months. When we mention the phrase upping your hair game, we are talking about the essential hairstyles and hair care products to rock winter 2020!

If you’re lacking some inspiration and want to find out how you can up your hair game, then carry on reading below!


It is a known fact when you leave the house with a head full of bouncy curls you feel powerful and unstoppable. This is the exact reason why hair curls are a great way in which your clients can up their hair game. Not only do hair curls look great, they make your clients feel super empowered too. Whether their curls are natural or they will have to use a curling tong every morning, hair curls truly are the perfect winter hairstyle! Already seen on numerous celebrities throughout 2019, we particularly believe the 80’s corkscrew curl is going to make a big comeback during winter 2020! To create those throwback curls, the Babyliss Pro Straight Barrel Wand 10mm, is the perfect tool to help you to do just that!

If your clients have natural curls then we suggest that you take a read of our curly girl method blog. This blog is packed full of vital information for those with natural curls, from retaining the oils and styling tips.


For years the ponytail has been a go to hair style, and it is definitely here to stay. However, within recent times, the boring old ponytail has been transformed into the trendy high sleek ponytail. Seen on the likes of celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Ariana Grande - the sleek high pony truly is the new and upcoming trend for winter 2020.

How to achieve the perfect sleek high pony:

  1. Blowdry your clients hair, working in the direction of their ponytail.
  2. Using a hairbrush or comb, brush the hair away from their face and into a high and tight ponytail.
  3. Secure with a hair tie, we recommend these clear hair bobbles, not only do they blend in with all hair colours, they also leave no hair kinks too.
  4. Apply some hair gel around your hairline to conceal those flyaways.
  5. Use a hair oil to leave the hair looking smooth and shiny, we recommend using L’Oreal Mythic Oil.


During the cold winter months, your clients hair will be prone to a combination of dryness, brittleness, dullness and possibly split ends. Therefore, it is important to make yourself aware of the amazing range of products there are on the market right now to prevent the above issues from happening.

On the other hand, it also gives you as a hairdresser the opportunity to upsell these products to your clients, helping them to advance their hair care regime at home too.


Hair serums: Serums are an absolute godsend during the winter months, not only do they make your hair look and smell amazing, they are also key for adding moisture back into your clients locks. We particularly recommend the L’Oreal Mythic Oil, which is suitable for all hair types.

Heat Protectors: During the winter months your clients will be using styling tools like hairdryers and straighteners on their hair - meaning it's super important to make sure that they are using a good heat protectant too! The HD Life Style Smooth and Protect Spray is the perfect product for protecting all hair types from heat styling damage, it smells amazing too!

Dry Shampoo: It is advisable to let your clients know that washing their hair more during the winter months can actually do more harm than good to their hair. Instead, why not upsell them a dry shampoo which will help them to avoid using heated styling products. Here at Hairdressing Supplies Lincoln, we recommend the Revlon Uniq One Dry Shampoo - the perfect product for refreshing and reviving hair throughout those colder months.

If you enjoyed this blog, then why not head over to our blog page and take a read of our range of additional blog posts. If you want to be the first to know when we post a new blog - sign up to our mailing list today!



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