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2023 Hair Trends Set To Explode!

2023 Hair Trends Set To Explode!

Looking to find the hottest 2023 hair trends? Look no further.

Whether you need some inspiration when your client gives you free rein or just want to keep up to date with the latest hair trends, we’ve got you covered.

Honey Wheat Blonde - The New IT Girl Colour

Step away from the platinum cards and say hello to warm and natural blondes. With Honey Wheat’s honey tones and buttery wheat highlights, this colour is as pretty as it is wearable.

Fanola educator Claudia Dymond recommends a Fanola Formulation of 7.14 on the roots & 9.13 as a toner through the ends to create this look.

Shop the formula below.

Fanola Color Professional Hair Colouring Cream - 100ml (7.14 & 9.13)

Candlelit Brunette - Supermodel Approved

Multi-tonal brunette is making a comeback and we’re HERE FOR IT! We’re loving the rich & warm tones in this look.

Fanola educator Claudia Dymond creates this look with Fanola Formulation of 6.14 as a root colour and 8.13 through the ends.

Fanola Color Professional Hair Colouring Cream - 100ml (6.14 & 8.13)


‘70s bangs are making a headline in 2023 because of their ability to suit all hair types and face shapes. They may become (or already have) one of the most requested styles due to their versatility.

This look is mainly created and maintained in the styling, so we recommend investing in a good texturizing & pre-styling spray along with the right tools & equipment to execute this. Shop the products below.

L'Oreal Serie Expert Volumetry Inflator Volumising Spray 250ML

L'Oreal Professionnel Tecni ART Full Volume Extra Mousse 250ml

Cowgirl Copper - Copper Is Here To Stay!

Copper is not going anywhere! Although a certain shade of copper is tipped to be the most in-demand hair colour of 2023, let us introduce ‘Cowgirl Copper,’ which is a rich caramel tone that is placed perfectly between blonde and brunette.

This colour is perfect to make a statement yet still wearable and for those afraid of the intense orange tones yet still want that copper look. Fanola educator Claudia Dymond recommends Fanola color 8.43 to create this copper look and Fanola ‘Sealing Cream’ to increase colour duration.

Fanola Color Professional Hair Colouring Cream - 100ml (8.43)

Fanola Color Locker Sealing Cream

Hair Care - 2023 Is All About Repair

Hair care may not be the most exciting 2023 trend, but the buzz around social media and a surge in spending has placed hair care a top 2023 trend.

With hair care quickly becoming as essential as skincare, we’ve picked a few essentials to incorporate into your clients' appointments (and maybe even after.)

FarmaVita Omniplex Salon Kit

FarmaVita Omniplex No.3 Miracle at Home

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