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Fanola Shampoo: The Ultimate Guide to Achieve Toned Hair

Fanola Shampoo: The Ultimate Guide to Achieve Toned Hair

Fanola Shampoo: The Ultimate Guide to Achieve Toned Hair


What is Fanola Shampoo?

Fanola Shampoo is a specialized hair care product designed to tone and enhance the color of blonde, lightened, or gray hair. This product is famous for its bright purple pigments.

Different Varieties of Fanola Shampoo


Toning Properties

One of the key benefits of Fanola Shampoo is its remarkable toning properties. The purple pigments in the shampoo act as color correctors, effectively neutralizing brassy and yellow tones in hair.

Enhances Color Vibrancy

Fanola Shampoo not only tones your hair but also enhances the vibrancy of your color. It works by removing dullness and restoring the luster of your hair, giving it a luminous and healthy look.

Neutralizes Brassiness

Brassiness is a common issue, especially with blonde or lightened hair. Fanola Shampoo neutralizes brassiness by counteracting warm tones, such as orange and yellow.


Preparing Your Hair

Before applying Fanola Shampoo, make sure your hair is wet. Gently towel-dry your hair to remove excess water.

Applying Fanola Shampoo

Distribute a sufficient amount of Fanola Shampoo evenly throughout your hair. Massage it gently into your scalp and hair, creating a rich lather. Allow it to sit for a few minutes.

Rinse and Condition

Rinse the shampoo thoroughly with lukewarm water. Follow up with a good quality conditioner to nourish and hydrate your hair.


Can I use purple shampoo after I color my hair?

Yes, you can use purple shampoo after coloring your hair to maintain vibrancy and cool tones.

Can purple shampoo turn blonde hair silver?

No, purple shampoo does not turn blonde hair silver. Its purpose is to neutralize brassy and yellow tones, not change the hair color entirely.

Can you use purple shampoo soon after bleaching your hair?

Yes, it's recommended to use purple shampoo soon after bleaching your hair to counteract brassy or yellow tones.

How do I remove the purple in my hair from purple shampoo?

To remove the temporary purple tint, wash your hair with a clarifying or regular shampoo without purple pigments.

What shampoos work best to tone down brassy blonde hair?

Fanola No Yellow Shampoo has shown itself to be the most effective purple shampoo, however alternatives such as OSMO No Yellow do exist.


Fanola Shampoo is a game-changer when it comes to achieving perfectly toned hair. By following the proper usage instructions and incorporating Fanola Shampoo into your hair care routine, you can maintain a beautiful, cool-toned shade that looks like you just stepped out of the salon.

Embrace the power of Fanola Shampoo and unlock the potential of your hair color. Say goodbye to unwanted brassiness and hello to beautifully toned hair that turns heads wherever you go.

Remember, maintaining beautifully toned hair requires consistent care and the right products. With Fanola Shampoo and these additional recommendations, you can confidently achieve the hair color you've always desired. Take charge of your hair's vibrancy and rock your stunning, toned locks with confidence.

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