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Mastering the Barbiecore Aesthetic: Embrace the Pink Revolution with the Season's Top Shades

Mastering the Barbiecore Aesthetic: Embrace the Pink Revolution with the Season's Top Shades


Fuchsia pink is a real hot pink full of warmth and excitement. This shade portrays a feeling of strength and party, perfect for those looking for a real statement style. The foundation shade can be achieved with Light Hot Pink, and adding Pure Red will create your perfect fuchsia tone.


Embrace the ultimate summer vibes with the Peach Pink shade. This versatile colour can be used alone to create a vibrant peach, diluted for a soft, sweet peach, or added to other pink shades such as Crazy Color Pinkissimo for warming them up. For best results, apply this on damp hair to ensure even coverage of pink and orange tones.


For clients who are after an introduction to something new, Candyfloss Pink is the perfect shade. This fun-loving, light pastel shade of pink can be created with FarmaVita Suprema Mineral Shadows Collection. To keep up the colour in between salon top-ups, add a few drops of red pigment into clients’ leave-in conditioner or primer.


Palm Spring Pink is a great way for clients to express their confidence and sensuality, experimenting with neutral tones and pastel pinks. Clients can try this shade without the worry of long-term commitment as the Wella Professionals Shinefinity service doesn’t lift your natural base colour.


Inspired by 2023’s Pantone Colour of the Year, Viva Magenta is expected to be a popular choice, bringing cool and light shades to a much edgier approach. This shade involves a number of colours, including pink, red, and violet, and its appearance can differ depending on its formula.


Barbiecore is a trend that's fast becoming the highlight of 2023, paying tribute to the upcoming 'Barbie' film and the year of colour. As the first time in a long while that clients are actively experimenting with colour, pinks are leading the way and breaking boundaries within this trend. Each pink preference contributes to the overall Barbiecore aesthetic, and the key to mastering this trend is to always have fun with it.

Regardless of whether you want to make a strong statement with Fuchsia Pink, add some summer warmth with Peach Pink, gently ease into colour services with Candyfloss Pink, express your confidence with Palm Spring Pink, or go edgy with Viva Magenta, the world of Barbiecore has a shade for you.

So, this season, embrace the pink revolution and stand out with these stunning Barbiecore inspired looks. Whether it's for a social event, a fashion statement, or simply to boost your mood, these pink shades are here to transform your look and celebrate the year of colour. Explore, experiment, and enjoy the world of Barbiecore, where it's all about expressing your unique style and personality with the power of pink.

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