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5 Tips To Manage Your Salon Team Effectively

5 Tips To Manage Your Salon Team Effectively

The role as a business owner or manager is not always a smooth sailing one. Generally speaking, it is likely that you were once only responsible for yourself - and now it’s your duty to lead and inspire others. The transition from employee to manager, or maybe even owner, is definitely frightening! Whether you are a new manager or you have years of experience under your belt, here at Hairdressing Supplies Lincoln, we have written a blog consisting of 5 tips and tricks to help you to execute your management role successfully.


Knowing your leadership style is key to being an effective manager. It is impossible to perform effectively if you do not understand what is working for you and your team. There are numerous amounts of leadership styles and there is no harm in adopting more than one - depending on the scenario of course. If you are not happy with your current leadership style, and you feel as if things are not going to plan then get some feedback from your team. You can do this by simply asking your employees in regard to your management style- what they love and what they feel is not up to scratch.


Communication skills are fundamental to every aspect of life, and are crucial to the success of manager and employee relationships. Managers who invest their time into communicating with their employees will start to see relationships forming. Not only will you as a manager see a rapid increase in employee productivity and motivation, but it will help to enable a workplace where employees feel important and included! Remember, communication is the basis of everything - without these skills, it will be impossible for you and your team to meet the expected company goals.


Now, this particular topic is a difficult one. Maybe you feel that you reward your staff too much already, or maybe in your eyes you do not reward enough. However, when we speak of rewarding your staff we are not strictly speaking of days out and pay rises. Even the smallest verbal reward to your employee can go a long way and will make them feel a true asset to the business. Of course, you may want to introduce a limit - as praising everything may not be the best technique as your staff will never learn or grow! Instead, if you aren’t truly happy with your employees work then offer feedback and advice on how they can improve. There is no harm in saving your verbal reward for their show stopping work! However, the key thing to remember is: there is no too much or too little, just whatever works best for you and your business!


As a manager or salon owner there will be times where you are left to face pretty big decisions. Some of these decisions may be super easy to make, or some may take more in depth thought. Although, the best way you can manage your team is to take the leap and always be decisive! Some of these decisions you make may not work in your favour, but remember that’s okay too! Even if you speak to the most successful managers or business owners they will definitely tell you about the times where things just didn’t go in their favour! No matter what, your staff will still look up to you as a role model and a true leader for executing decisions, even if they were the wrong one to make!


As a company we cannot express this enough to our team - to be your best self and the best you can be at your role, you have to keep learning! Whether this is learning from previous work related mistakes, or undertaking a new skill all together - knowledge is power! Now as a manager or salon owner, you have to remember that you are a role model to your team! Therefore, the more you express the learning that you personally do, the more likely that your team will be motivated to learn and progress too!

We hope this short blog has given you inspiration on ways that you can successfully manage your salon team. Here at Hairdressing Supplies Lincoln, we post a blog every wednesday which features all things hair and salon life! Click here to view all of our previous blog posts!

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