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How To Refresh Your Salon On A Budget

How To Refresh Your Salon On A Budget

As the end of the year is quickly approaching, there is no better time than now to start thinking about redecorating your salon for 2020. If your salon is in dire need of an interior refresh, but you do not have the time or budget for a full renovation - then this blog is the blog for you!


First and foremost, before you start focusing on how you want your displays to look and what new accessories to buy - you must decide on a theme! Having a theme in place from the get go is super important, as it will make your life so much easier when it comes down to the actual interior refresh itself. Whether you want to keep your current theme and just add a few extras, or you want to completely start from scratch, the best advice we can give is to have a theme in place from the beginning! And remember a theme could be anything from your interior like display units and posters - the Amethyste Professional Floor Display is a great way to introduce a theme across your salon! Or on the other hand, a theme could even be something as little as your staff uniforms, so there are plenty of ways to introduce consistency in your salon.


Your window displays are the first thing that customers see when they come to your salon - meaning that they are the most important area to update! Not only are your window displays an amazing way to showcase your salon as a whole, your window displays offer a significant opportunity to upsell your products and services. Our FarmaVita posters do exactly that, they truly are the perfect addition to your salon windows.

As we mentioned in our how to upsell blog - product placement is super important, and your window displays are the perfect area for this! In addition, even if you do not want a whole new display, why not try rearranging your current one. Having a rearrange can work wonders and will give you and your customers the illusion that your windows have had a whole new update.


Feature walls provide endless opportunities in keeping your salon fun and fresh. Whether you add shelving and products, or big mirrors and geometric patterns - feature walls truly are the perfect addition to your salon. Once you decide on the pattern, theme or even colour of your feature wall - remember that feature walls can have quite a high impact so try not to over do it

As already mentioned, feature walls are great - however the gap between an amazing wall and a disastrous wall is very thin! Therefore, we are going to let you in on our top tips and tricks to make sure your feature wall is an amazing one!

Sometimes, the more simplistic the wall - the better! Try to avoid putting your feature wall in a room which is already too overcrowded. Adding a feature wall to a space that is already very busy, will only make the room feel smaller and more closed in! Remember that feature walls are meant to be the highlight of the room, not a big mess!

On the other hand, do not fear a mixture of materials. Never be afraid to add lots of different items to your feature wall. The days of wallpaper and a different shade paint are long gone - one super cool suggestion is to use vintage hair tools and mirrors and make a feature out of those!


When shopping on a budget, buying second hand is your best friend! Obviously, this will depend on the theme of your salon but places such as charity shops, facebook marketplace and selling pages are great for sourcing cool furniture and accessories for minimal prices! Whether it’s the shabby chic vibe you’re going for, or even a more industrial look - we highly recommend checking out charity shops and social media selling pages as your first point of call.


Lastly, if you are still not happy even after your salon refresh, then maybe all you need is a good declutter. Decluttering your old stock, display units and even the decor accessories that you’ve grown to hate is an amazing way to give your salon a whole new vibe. Sometimes, just by getting rid of your unwanted items can make the salon feel brand new, and your customers will most certainly believe that you have had a full refit.

Whilst we’re on the topic of decluttering, it is also the perfect opportunity to bring some organisation back into your life, and that is exactly what the Agenda stationery products do! There truly is something for everybody: from accounting books, appointment cards to even checklists - these products are perfect for bringing organisation back into your work life!

We hope that you have enjoyed this blog and have gained some inspiration and insight into budget friendly ways of updating your salon! Don’t forget that we have a new blog each Wednesday - you can view all of our previous blogs by clicking here.

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