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Who Are Your Salons Ideal Clients And How To Attract Them

Who Are Your Salons Ideal Clients And How To Attract Them

Building and attracting clients to your salon can be difficult, but it is also crucial for success. Understanding who your ideal clientele are for your salon can be a tiresome process. However, if you’re a hairdresser or salon owner looking for advice regarding how to identify and attract perfect clients, then keep on reading.

Remember your ideal clients are the ones you want more of. Ideal clients can be defined as: clients who love the services that you offer, clients who frequently return & recommend your salon to their family and friends. If a customer fits in with the points above then they are the ideal client- this is because they are highly profitable.

The most effective way to understanding who your ideal clients are is to ask yourself these 2 simple questions:

  1. Who are the clients that I want to attract?
  2. What are the needs of the clients?

Firstly, let’s look into understanding who your ideal clients are. As a hairstylist, you are naturally creative with a caring persona: your goal is to make each client look and feel their best. However, it can become too demanding and stressful wanting to tailor your salon to everybody!

The key thing here to remember is: your business cannot be a ‘one size fits all’ salon! So, take a step back, think about your favourite type of client, and most importantly what you enjoy doing! You are the brains behind the business here, so use your creativity and tailor your products and services around your ideal clientele. For example: if you enjoy providing fun and trendy hairstyles, tailor your salon towards the younger market.

If you are a freelance stylist, then this will be easy for you! You only have to ask yourself what you personally enjoy doing! However, if you are a salon owner or work with a team of people, then the difficulty lies around finding people with the same passion and visions as yourself.

Secondly, before you promote your business to your ideal clients, you need to understand exactly what services they desire and the exact reason why they want it. The best and most effective way to conduct client research is by simply asking them!

A simple conversation with a range of your clients could be the difference between you meeting the wants of the clients and losing them all together. Ask your clients what their problems are and how they want them to be solved! Once you have a clear idea regarding the types of hair services your clients desire, you will notice a recurring trend - this will be the common needs of your clientele.

So now you understand that your perfect clients are the ones who fit into the two categories identified above, so, how and where do you find these customers?

A great way to identify your customers is to spy on your competitors, to see who they’re serving. Obviously, you cannot access your clients books or send those clients surveys, but you can however look on social media to find out who is raving about their business! Social media is your best friend in this scenario, not only will it help you to understand who your competitors clients are, but you will also be able to take some tips from their social pages too!

When trying to understand who your customers are, and how they found you, a simple survey will do the trick. Not only do you want to ask demographic related questions, ask your clients how and when they found you! This information will help you as a business to understand the strategies that worked, and more importantly you will know which ones didn’t!

Lastly, the most obvious and most old fashion way to find your clients is through word of mouth. Client recommendations are not only super important for building your brand, but it also ensures that you are attracting similar clientele to who you already have on your books. A way to make sure your clients recommend your services is to have a refer a friend scheme at your salon! Introducing a refer a friend scheme will ensure that your clients will mention your services to their friends and family as they will be wanting that reward or discount in return.

Hopefully this blog has allowed you as a salon, or hairdresser to understand exactly how to find out who your perfect clients are! Here at Hairdressing Supplies Lincoln, we have a range of blogs related to all things hairdressing. To read some of our other amazing blogs click here!



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