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Why Everyone Loves Wella Blondor

Why Everyone Loves Wella Blondor

What is Wella Blondor?
The Wella Blondor Range is formulated with a creative Tri Lightening Technology that produces effective lightening to the hair, catering for individual client needs. Wella offers many different types of products within their Blondor range; Blondor Meches, Multi-Blonde Powder, Multi-Blonde Granules, Soft Blonde Cream and Extra Cool Blonde Powder. All these multi-purpose application products that Wella specialise in for clients with blonde, white and grey hair can be used for roots, full head, highlights/balayage and for touching up tips. All Wella Blondor products are controlled, reliable and are formulated with a non yellowing blue bleach to get rid of yellow and orange tones in the hair. For the best blonde results, you can use Welloxon Perfect Developers with the Blondor range.

How is it used?
The grade of lightness is dependant on the developer you use, the higher the peroxide, the lighter the hair. If you are just colouring small amounts of the hair, i.e, highlights or balayage, then you will just need half a scoop of product, however, if you are colouring a whole head of hair then you will need to use a full scoop, and 2 scoops for clients with longer hair. You will need to fill the scoop with equal amount of developer and blend them together, if this formula turns too runny then add more. Mix with Welloxon Perfect for the best colour results, the mixing ratios should be between 1:1 and 1:2. Apply on the areas of the hair you are colouring and you will see that the hair starts to visibly lighten, this will stop after 15 minutes. Once the formula has been left to develop rinse out the bleach with cold water.

To apply colour to the hair afterwards add the Wella colour into a scoop, adding the same amount of developer mix, mixing until the consistency is gel like and thick. Brush into the hair and wait 15 to 25 minutes and rinse with warm water after 4 or 5 minutes.

Is Wella Blondor a scalp bleach?
Wella Blondor is great for all hair colouring techniques, therefore it is both an on and off scalp bleach. For safe application to the scalp a lower peroxide developer is recommended, something similar to Welloxon Perfect 6%, which is powerful but gentle, resulting in less damage to the hair.

What are the benefits of Wella Blondor?
There are some great benefits to Wella Blondor for you and your clients, the bleach is formulated with a non-yellowing blue bleach, as a result of this, the non- yellowing formula gets rid of any of them unwanted yellow or orange undertones when colouring blonde hair. Wella blondor is also a much safer and gentle bleach to be using if you do apply it to the scalp, causing less damage to the hair, leaving the hair and scalp in great condition. The highly flexible multi-purpose bleach reaches up to 7 levels of lift, resulting in a better outcome and a happier client. Additionally, the creamy consistency means that the bleach is much easier to apply, making it a quicker, more pleasant process for you and your client.

You can stock up on all of these great Wella products now, including the Wella Blondor Cream at £9.49, Granules at £18.99, Meche at 10.99 and Powder at £11.99 as well as the Wella Welloxon Perfect Creme Developers priced at £1.49 for 60ml and £6.99 for 1 Litre from Hairdressing Supplies Lincoln.



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