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Caring for your hair this summer

Caring for your hair this summer

We know for a fact that your clients can’t wait for summer, seeing friends, going on holidays, and sitting in the sun all day! Not only will your clients need to protect their hair from the sun and heat this summer, but if they are planning to go away, then you are going to need to advise your clients on ways that they can look after their hair when swimming in the pool and sea too.

Here are some best sellers that you can recommend to clients to use this summer to keep their hair looking smooth, soft and fresh..


The sun and sea water can be very damaging to the hair, causing it to go very frizzy and you don’t want to go through summer with bushy, frizzy hair! An All in One Treatment that we highly recommend using is the UniqOne All in One Treatment, this treatment will control frizz and add shine at the same time, allowing your hair to still look healthy and silky smooth. Not only does it control frizz, but it also detangles the hair, which is great if you have been in the sea or in water with chlorine in, and the extra bonus is that is is formulated to protect the hair and its colour from the sun and heat! If you are also looking for a Shampoo and Conditioner that will help get rid of frizz in the heat, then the Osmo Deep Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner is the one. They are formulated with Pataua Oil Extract, Panthenol Pro Vitamin B5 and Keratin to protect dry and damaged hair from the sun, as well as leaving the hair feeling healthy.


It is very likely that even if you haven’t coloured or treated your hair that it will still damage and dry in the sun and heat, as this will dehydrate the hair. The Matrix Biolage Range includes a wide range of shampoos, conditioners, masks, creams and more! These different products are all great for rehydrating damaged and dry hair, protecting hair from the heat of the sun and styling tools too! Leaves the hair moisturised and conditioned, resulting in a fresh, healthier head of hair. The Wella Eimi Dry Me Dry Shampoo also does a similar job, the dry shampoo contains Tapioca Starch which allows the hair to absorb oils, keeping the hair healthy and shiny, without looking greasy. As well as keeping the hair hydrated, the dry shampoo adds volume to the hair, which is great if your hair is looking lifeless, dry and damaged. A dry shampoo is always convenient and easy to use, as washing your hair too often can bring out the hairs natural moisture, damaging your hair even more.


Not only do you need to protect your hair from sun and heat damage this summer, but if you are going on holiday you are going to need to protect your hair from water damage, as this will dry your hair out and break. Luckily, the Osmo Blowdry Potion can prevent this from happening, this lotion reduces damage and any breakages, gets rid of any static/frizz and thickens the hair, resulting in smooth, hydrated hair, which is all you could want for summer! Straight after swimming you are going to want to condition your hair with something, and the Revlon Equave Sun Protection Detangling Conditioner is great for this, it is a leave in treatment designed to protect the hair against sun/heat damage. This Keratin-enriched formula repairs and hydrates, improves manageability and results in healthier looking hair, which is perfect when the swimming pool chlorine can be so damaging to the hair, especially with the heat too. This leave in conditioner is going to make your hair so much easier to brush and style in the long run too, getting rid of all the frizz and static that you don’t want.


When the sun comes out it is very likely that if you have coloured your hair that the colour will fade. However, there are ways to prevent this from happening, the Wella Brilliance Mask is a great product to use, as it allows colour to last longer, and also enhances the vibrancy of colour too, so this reduces the risk of your colour fading and damaging in the sun. Not only does the Brilliance Mask enhance colour but it also moisturises the hair, it is great to use after the Wella Brilliance Shampoo and the Wella Brilliance Conditioner. The Mask is suitable for Fine/Normal hair and Thick/Coarse hair. Another product that is great for long lasting colour and hydration is the L’Oreal Mythic Oil Radiance (Colour), this is a multi-tasking oil, highly concentrated with Argan Oil and Cranberry Oil. Not only does this protect the hair from heat and UV but is perfect for all hair types, especially colour treated hair, giving it that long lasting pop of colour and shine.



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