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Unlocking the Magic of Wella Hair Colour

Unlocking the Magic of Wella Hair Colour

In this blog, we’ll dive into the world of Wella Hair Colour, we’ll cover everything from the benefits and features of their most popular colours to usage instructions and expert tips. 


Wella Color Touch

Wella Color Touch infuses your hair with up to 63% more shine, making every strand capture and reflect light beautifully. With a broad spectrum of shades, it caters to every preference, allowing your clients to fully express themselves. 

  • Long-Lasting Vibrance: Keeps hair looking vibrant for up to 15 washes

  • Great Coverage: Provides thorough coverage of up to 70% white or grey hair

  • Minimal Touch-Ups: Only needed every 4-6 weeks, perfect for busy lifestyles, good for blending grey hair and low maintenance with invisible re-growth 


How to Use Wella Color Touch

  1. Mixing Ratio: Mix your desired colour with colour touch emulsion in a 1:2 ratio (colour to developer)

  2. Application: Apply evenly to dry or damp hair, ensuring full saturation to darken, lift or tone

  3. Development Time: Allow the colour to develop for 20 minutes without heat or 15 with heat

  4. Rinse and Treat: Rinse thoroughly and follow with the Wella post-colour treatment


Ideal For

  • Clients seeking a low-commitment option

  • Hair with a high porosity state 

  • Blond toning, root melting and root shadowing

  • Grey hair blending

  • Clients whose hair is more susceptible to damage

  • All hair types

Wella Colour touch shade chart

Pure Naturals - The Pure Naturals range offers natural-looking shades that mimic natural hair colours ideal for clients seeking a subtle look

Rich Naturals - Rich Naturals shades offer a balance between natural and more intense colours. They are slightly more vibrant than the Pure Naturals, with added richness and depth

Vibrant Reds - The Vibrant Reds range delivers bold and striking red hues

Deep Browns - Deep Browns provide rich, intense brown shades that add depth and dimension to the hair

Special Mix - The Special Mix shades are designed for custom colour creation. These highly pigmented shades can be mixed with other colours to create hues tailored to individual preferences

Sunlights - Sunlights are bright, warm shades that mimic the effect of sunlight on hair

Relights - The Relights range is used for refreshing and enhancing highlights or previously coloured hair. These shades add shine and vibrancy to a faded colour.

Instamatic - Instamatic shades offer soft, muted, and pastel tones

Wella Koleston Perfect ME+

Koleston Perfect ME+ delivers vibrant colours with unmatched depth and natural shine. Its advanced formula minimises hair breakage and ensures colours remain radiant for weeks. With a variety of 160 shades, there’s a perfect match for every style.

  • Long-Lasting Brilliance: Colours stay true to tone, providing unmatched colour depth

  • Superior Grey Coverage: Up to 100% grey coverage

  • Metal Purifier: Prevents hair damage caused by metals


How to Use Wella Koleston Perfect ME+

  1. Mixing: Blend Koleston Perfect ME+ with the corresponding Wella Welloxon Perfect Developer, mixing in a 1:1 ratio

  2. Application: Apply the mixture to the hair, ensuring thorough coverage, to darken, lift or tone

  3. Development: Allow the colour to develop for 30-40 minutes without heat, 15-20 minutes with heat

  4. Rinse: Rinse thoroughly to reveal vibrant, long-lasting colour

Ideal For

  • Clients seeking the full coverage of white hair

  • Vibrant and intense colour results

  • Clients seeking a more permanent result 

  • Low to medium porosity 

  • All hair types


Wella Koleston Perfect ME+ Colour Chart

Pure Naturals - Classic, natural-looking shades from black to light blonde

Rich Naturals (Cool and Warm) - colours are more intense to give a richer colour the Cool Tones consist of Ash or beige undertones, while the warm tones consist of  Golden or reddish undertones 

Deep Browns (Cool and Warm) - The cool tones consist of deep browns with ash undertones while the warm tones consist of deep browns with golden or reddish undertones

Vibrant Reds (Cool and Warm) - Cool tones consist of reds with blue or violet undertones and warm tones consist of reds with golden or copper undertones

Special Blondes - High-lift blonde shades for lighter, brighter results

Special Mix - Intense mix tones for creating custom shades

Wella Illumina

Wella Illumina offers natural-looking, multidimensional colour with unmatched light reflection. Perfect for lightening, darkening, or enhancing natural tones. Illumina provides up to 100% grey coverage with a translucent finish, making it ideal for subtle changes or first-time colour clients.

  • Microlight Technology: Protects hair cuticles and enhances light reflection, ensuring vibrant, natural-looking colour

  • Eco-Friendly Commitment: Cruelty-free, with sustainable packaging and manufacturing processes


How to Use Wella Illumina

All Colour Techniques: Apply to dry or damp hair; develop for 30-40 minutes without heat,  15 - 25 minutes with heat

Mixing Ratios

  • Welloxon Perfect ME+ Creme Peroxide: 12% (40VOL) for 3 levels of lift, 9% (30VOL) for 2 levels, 6% (20VOL) for 1 level

  • Mix Ratio: 1:1 (e.g., 60ml Illumina Color + 60ml Developer)


Ideal For

  • Clients looking for an extra shine result 

  • Grey blending

  • Clients with a low to medium porosity

  • All hair types


Wella Illumina Colour Chart

Cool Shades - Cool shades provide an ashy, icy, or silvery appearance, perfect for neutralizing unwanted warmth and achieving a refined, elegant look.

Opal-Essence - Opal-Essence shades offer a unique, multi-dimensional finish with a subtle shimmer that changes with light, giving hair a glow.

Warm Shades - Warm shades add richness and vibrancy to hair, creating a radiant appearance.

Neutral Shades - Neutral shades offer a balanced and natural look, ideal for a subtle, understated appearance.

Wella Shinefinity

Shinefinity’s Color Brilliance Technology delivers maximum intensity and shine, ensuring vibrant, long-lasting results that resist fading. It provides even colour distribution, offering up to 70% grey coverage.

From natural tones to vivid fashion colours and pastels, Shinefinity offers endless creative possibilities. The intermixable shades allow you to craft personalised looks for every client.

Ammonia-free and enriched with panthenol, Shinefinity ensures a comfortable colouring experience with exceptional conditioning benefits, leaving hair soft, smooth, and revitalised.


How to Use Wella Shinefinity

  1. Mixing Ratio: Combine the desired shade with the appropriate Wella developer mixing in a 1:1 ratio

  2. Application: Apply evenly on damp hair

  3. Development Time: Allow the colour to develop for 5-20 minutes

  4. Rinse and Treat: Rinse thoroughly and apply a post-colour treatment


Ideal For

  • Blond toning

  • Extra shine results

  • Clients with sensitive scalps 

  • All hair types and porosity levels 


Wella Shinefinity Colour Chart

Natural Shades

Natural shades are designed to enhance the hair's natural color, providing a subtle look. These shades blend seamlessly with the hair's natural tones, adding depth and richness without drastic changes.

Cool Shades

Cool shades neutralize warmth and add a sleek finish. These shades are great for creating a refined, polished appearance.

Warm Shades

Warm shades add richness and vibrancy to the hair. These shades are great for clients looking to achieve radiant tones.

Expert Tips and Insights

Colour Maintenance

  1. Encourage clients to use Color Brilliance Shampoo and Conditioner: Extend the life of the colour and maintain shine

  2. Encourage clients to avoid Excessive Heat: Heat styling can fade colour faster. Use heat protectants

  3. Recommend Rebooking Your Client: after every appointment make sure your client books before they leave the salon to ensure regular hair maintenance and upkeep of the colour

  4. Fashion Colours: When shampooing the hair, rinse with cool water to reduce colour fade

  5. Maximum Protection: to ensure maximum protection of the hair and scalp, use Wella Plex with any of the Wella colour ranges


Creative Techniques

All of these colour ranges can be used to achieve these creative techniques

  • Balayage and Ombre
  • Glossing 
  • Fashion Colours
  • blond toning 
  • Grey Coverage
  • Root Touch Ups
  • Colour Blocking
  • Sunkissed Highlights
  • Bespoke Colouring
Explore the Wella hair colour line. Visit our Wella brand page to discover these outstanding products.

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