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Multi-Tonal Hair Colouring Techniques: Ombre, Two-Tone, and Balayage

Multi-Tonal Hair Colouring Techniques: Ombre, Two-Tone, and Balayage

Multi-tonal colouring techniques have become a canvas for self-expression, transforming hair into a work of art. Among the most sought-after trends are multi-tonal blonde hair, the timeless ombre technique, the captivating two-tone styles, and the elegant balayage. In this blog, we'll explore these techniques, helping you achieve a stunning multi-tonal look.

Multi-Tonal Blonde Hair

Multi-tonal blonde hair involves blending various shades of blonde to create depth and texture, mimicking the natural highlights produced by sunlight. Whether you're aiming for a beachy, sun-kissed vibe or a more sophisticated blend (learn about blonde tones), multi-tonal blonde hair offers endless possibilities for a customised, natural-looking result.

How do I get multi-tonal blonde hair?

For multi-tonal blonde hair, choose various blonde shades. Section the hair and apply different shades strategically, following your colour instructions, Professional Colouring Cream , comes in a variety of blond shades, that look beautiful when blended. Apply the different shades and blends for a natural look. Rinse and style for a beautiful, multi-tonal blonde finish. 

Ombre Hair

Ombre hair, a timeless classic, crafts a seamless gradient effect from darker roots to lighter tips. Achieving a flawless ombre requires a careful blend of colours, allowing for a smooth transition that works well with various base colours. The art lies in creating a visually stunning fade that suits your client's unique style.

How to Ombre Hair?

  • Choose two complementary shades, either subtle or high-contrast, to define the ombre look
  • Section the Hair
  • Apply Colour Gradually, applying the lighter colour towards the ends
  • For this, Permanent Hair Colours that come in a variety of natural shades and bright, vibrant colours are perfectly suited for whatever colour palette you choose to go with.   

Two-Tone Hair

Two-tone hair takes a bold approach, incorporating two distinct colours for a striking contrast. This technique offers a spectrum of possibilities, allowing you to experiment with both subtle and dramatic combinations, adding flair to your client's overall look. A permanent hair colour will achieve optimal results, with a wide range of shades, it leaves endless possibilities for you and your clients to find their perfect colour.

How to Two Tone?

To achieve two-tone hair, select two complementary hair colours. Section the hair and apply the first colour to one section, to make the sectioning process easier use a fine sectioning comb which will simplify the sectioning process and allow for a smooth colour application. aiding the colouring process tremendously. Following colour instructions, rinse, dry, then apply the second colour to the other section. Blend for a seamless transition. Rinse, and wash with the appropriate hair care for your colour


What is Balayage? Balayage is a hand-painted technique that creates soft, natural-looking highlights. This method offers a sun-kissed effect that grows gracefully, making it a low-maintenance and timeless choice. This technique can also be used to create brighter,  more colourful highlights making the possibilities endless! 

How to Balayage?

Balayage is a freehand colouring technique where the colourist paints the dye onto the hair in sweeping motions. resulting in a customised, natural finish that enhances the features and adds dimension without harsh lines highlighting boards help to make the application process easier. Permanent hair colour ,comes in a large variety of colours from a bright bold red to a natural sun-kissed blonde. (learn how to make the balayage effect in more detail.)

Multi-tonal hair colouring techniques offer a spectrum of possibilities for those seeking to change their hair game. Mastering these techniques can equip you to help your client express their style with creativity and flair!

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