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Jaguart Hairdressing Scissors From Jaguar Solingen

Jaguart Hairdressing Scissors From Jaguar Solingen
JaguART Collection | Hairdressing Supplies Lincoln

With the blades opening and closing up to 1000 times during a haircut, the most important tool for hairdressers are undoubtedly their scissors. So, why not bring a touch of individuality to your work with the Jaguar Jaguart 5.5” hairdressing scissors? Available in 4 stylish and vibrant designs.


Jaguar Solingen, or more commonly known as Jaguar: are a leading manufacturer for hairdressing scissors, knives, brushes, combs and electricals. This due to their consistent quality of their products. The branding, and unique designs mean that Jaguar can be easily distinguished from other competitors. Additionally, Jaguar products can be found in salons and hairdressing kits all across the globe: showcasing the popularity of the brand.

Jaguar are passionate about creating the hairdressing as relaxing as possible by producing products which are ergonomically designed. Furthermore, there are several quality controls which are carried out for each individual pair of jaguar hairdressing scissors, ensuring that each and every product is consistent in quality.


Featuring classic blades and long lasting sharpness, these scissors are perfect for slice cutting because of the hollow grinding and honing of both cutting edges. The stainless steel used to manufacture the scissors has substantial durability and allows for year after year use: a great investment for the hairdressing professional.

If comfort is what you are looking for, then the Jaguart Collection is perfect for you. The offset handle and lightweight design of only 45 grams allows for a more natural hand position, bringing ease at work and minimising risks of injuries. Additionally, these scissors have a simple vario screw system which can be easily adjusted. The adjustable screw allows for the cutting tension to be checked and set to personal preference.

Not only do these professional hair scissors allow for effortless cutting, they are also suitable for those with nickel allergies. All designs in the Jaguart collection feature a high tech coating, ensuring that the skin is protected at all times.

The Jaguart hairdressing scissors are perfect for the creative and fun professional, they also present a sense of uniqueness - reflecting your individual style. The scissors come in four stylish designs: so there is something to suit all tastes.

The vibrant colours are perfect for all year round, but in particular they stand out and are very fitting during those warmer months. All 4 designs of scissors are available to purchase online at Hairdressing Supplies Lincoln for only £99!

“With JaguArt we offer exclusive designs for creative individualists.”


After time scissors can be subject to wear and tear, however… situated below are a few helpful tips to extend the product life of the Jaguart scissors.

  1. Only use the Jaguart scissors on natural hair.
  2. Always handle your scissors gently and with care.
  3. Check and adjust the cutting tension of Jaguar scissors regularly.
  4. When the scissors are not in use, they should always be stored in the closed position.

Also, it is so important to remember to clean the blades and the pivot area of your Jaguar scissors. We suggest using the highly effective Barbicide Solution: it is great for cleaning and disinfecting your scissors and it costs only £4.79 for 473ml.

Jaguar also offer a resharpening service for their scissors. The experienced experts at Jaguar are able to maintain the original quality of their scissors. This is only possible from the knowledge the professionals at Jaguar have gained from over 80 years within the industry.

Here at Hairdressing Supplies Lincoln, we also stock a wide range of products from Jaguar. Be sure to check them out by clicking here.



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