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How to upsell products and services to clients in your salon

How to upsell products and services to clients in your salon

There are plenty of opportunities in and out of the salon to upsell your products and services, maybe even a few that you’ve never thought of before! So, we are here to help you and your business! Situated below are a few tips to help utilise all areas of your salon in order to upsell your products and services to your clients.


When clients arrive and check-in for their appointment, it is important to recognise and execute each and every opportunity to upsell a product or service. A great example is if the client has only booked a dry cut… then why not offer the chance to upgrade their treatment to a more deluxe service such as a wash, cut and blow dry.

When your clients are waiting for their appointment to start, this time period becomes a significant opportunity to sell your products and services to your clients. To accomplish this, make sure that the waiting area has an eye catching stand which promotes all of your products. Additionally, enticing your clients can be difficult, however, if you make sure testers are available for your clients to sample then you will have them intrigued in no time.

Attracting clients to your business is a tough game, but it is even harder to get clients to purchase extra products or services. However, the most key and prominent factor that cannot be expressed enough is product placement!

Product placement is an effective marketing tool to use when wanting to upsell your products and services. One of the most important things to remember is ‘eye level is buy level’. Why do you think that all of the big brands are placed on the eye level shelves in supermarkets… for that reason exactly! You want to catch your clients eye and even more so you want to make a sale, so implementing a product placement strategy will help you to be on your way to becoming that champion upseller.

Image shows a series of Fanola No Red hair care products


Not only is product placement important, but putting up posters and artwork from the brands and ranges that you stock will also catch your clients eye. But to do this, you need to make sure that your team have outstanding training and knowledge. Educating your team on the products and services that you offer is essential, clients will be asking about the products that you are using: so product knowledge is key! If you want to advise and make recommendations to produce sales then you have to know your products, knowledge is everything! Additionally, always ensure that there is a member of staff who is present around the waiting area and shop to answer any queries that the clients may have.


From the moment the client sits down in the chair, to the moment before them leaving the salon swishing their new luscious locks, will be spent between yourself and the client. This 1-2-1 time between you and your client is vital and a great opportunity to up-sell your products and services.

On the other hand, you will be using various products and electrical tools during their hair treatment, so use this to your advantage and tell the client that they are available to purchase. Always ask questions and engage with your client! The importance of understanding their wants and needs is crucial, and this is where you can recommend products and services to reduce their dilemmas and boost your profit.

Taking notes is also vital at this stage - jot down what products your client has previously purchased and services they have had, and always ask for their verdict. The Agenda Check Pads are great for this!

Remembering products and services that your client loved, (or didn’t) will not only help to build a trusting relationship between you and your client… it will more importantly result in a returning customer.

The image shows a hairdresser brushing out a customers curls after styling the hair.

The image shows a woman having her hair washed with hair care products at a hair salon.


When the client is leaving the salon, be sure to end their experience by giving off a warm and friendly vibe at the checkout, invitebly making sure they are happy with their treatment. This is now the perfect time to ask them if they want to book their next appointment, and the Agenda Appointment Cards are the perfect reminder for your client.

To keep clients aware of any special offers or services you have on at the moment give them a business card with details of your social media and also do not forget to mention that you have a loyalty scheme if they are interested in returning!

The image shows a customer paying for a service at the checkout desk after a service.


In terms of growth, social media marketing is becoming the most important aspect of digital marketing: providing a reach of millions. So, why would you not promote your current products and services online?

Using social media platforms can not only educate your existing clients, but potential new ones too. Why not provide short videos on your instagram stories, twitter or facebook page, explaining and demonstrating how to use a specific product. Or, go live on instagram and carry out a question and answer session! These simple tips do not only create great customer engagement, but may secure a few potential sales too. If clients see real life results and have proof that the product works then they will be eager to try it!

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