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Elevate Your Hair Game with Renbow Colorissimo Permanent Hair Colour

Elevate Your Hair Game with Renbow Colorissimo Permanent Hair Colour

As a hairdresser, finding the perfect hair colour that offers vibrant, long-lasting results while keeping your clients' hair in top-notch condition can be challenging. Look no further than Renbow Colorissimo Permanent Hair Colour, a revolutionary product transforming hair since the 1970s.

What is Renbow Colorissimo?

Renbow Colorissimo is a revolutionary permanent hair colour known for its breakthrough chroma technology, designed to penetrate deep into the hair fibre. This ensures a rich, long-lasting colour that leaves hair in excellent condition with an incredible shine, thanks to natural ingredients like beeswax. Launched in the 1970s, Colorissimo's trusted formulation was developed by colour experts, offering 69 intermixable shades that provide endless colour opportunities and vibrant results.

Why Choose Colorissimo?

Unique Formulation

  • Chroma Technology: Ensures deep penetration and vibrant colour
  • Beeswax: Natural ingredient for maximum shine and condition
  • Creme Formulation Base: Smooth and creamy consistency for easy application
  • Up to 100% White Hair Coverage: Perfect for clients seeking full coverage

Versatility and Range

  • 94 different Shades: From natural blondes, browns, and blacks to bright, expressive colours like reds, pinks, and blues
  • Long-Lasting Colour: Provides rich, enduring colour that maintains vibrancy
  • Ultimate Shine: Leaves hair looking and feeling healthy and shiny

How to Use Colorissimo

Step-by-Step Application

For Virgin Hair:

  1. Apply the formula 2cm from the root to the ends
  2. Leave on for 20 minutes
  3. Prepare the same formula and apply to the roots only
  4. Leave for an additional 20 minutes

For Retouching Coloured Hair:

  1. Prepare the desired formula
  2. Apply only to the regrowth area
  3. Leave on for 40-45 minutes

Finishing Touch:

  1. Add water at the end of the colouring process
  2. Shampoo and lather to distribute the colour
  3. Rinse thoroughly

Expert Tips for Application

  • Apply to Dry, Unwashed Hair: Ensures better colour absorption
  • Timing is Key: Follow the recommended timing for both virgin and retouched hair to achieve optimal results
  • Blonde Booster: Perfect for enhancing the lift and creating natural-looking highlights


Renbow Colorissimo Permanent Hair Colour is a top choice for hairdressers seeking a versatile, vibrant, and reliable colouring solution. With its rich history, advanced formulation, and wide range of shades, Colorissimo delivers stunning results every time. Whether you're looking to cover grey hair, create bold highlights, or achieve a natural look, Colorissimo has got you covered.

Ready to transform your clients' hair with Renbow Colorissimo? Click here to view the full range of shades.

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