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What to look for in your Salon Hair Dryer

What to look for in your Salon Hair Dryer

Investing in a salon hair dryer will benefit the service that you are providing to your clients, and there are many different hair dryers and features that can do the perfect job. So which one is best for you and what should you be looking for?

Power & Heat
The Power and heat of your hair dryer is very important, the more powerful, the quicker it'll dry the hair, which is great if your client has lots of hair! Choose a hair dryer that has a wattage of at least 1800 or more this is suitable for quick drying, without causing any heat damage. Higher wattages produce more heat, therefore a lower wattage would be ideal for clients with thin, brittle hair and a higher wattage may be more ideal for clients with thicker, more dense hair. Look for a hair dryer that has multiple temperature settings so it is suitable for all client hair types.
The Babyliss Pro Black Magic Dryer is great for power and heat, with a 2000W AC motor it is going to dry hair quickly and efficiently. It also offers 3 heat settings, 2 speed settings, a cold shot button, and also a concentrator nozzle great for styling straight hair. This affordable hair dryer also has a 2.7m cord with a hanging loop so great for easy storage and also long enough to work with around the chair.

Speed Settings & Airflow
Having multiple speed settings on your salon hair dryer is a must. The lower speeds on professional hair dryers allow you to have more control when styling and hair will be less likely to be frizzy after washing, this is perfect for fine or fragile hair. The faster speed setting is perfect for tough, resistant hair. Hair dryers with maximum airflow are designed to make sure that hair is frizz free or dry afterwards.
The ETI Turbodryer 2000 - Chrome Rose Gold has 2 speed settings and 4 heat settings which allows you to cater for multiple hair types. The stylish 1500W Rose Gold dryer has a contoured easy grip handle and comes with an Ultra Slim concentrator nozzle, great for delivering the perfect salon blow dry.

Motor Type
When investing in your salon professional hair dryer look for a dryer with an AC motor. AC motors are designed especially for use by professionals in a salon. They have a longer life span, and are much more powerful and usually have around 2 speed settings and 4 heat settings. Professional hair dryers also have ionic technology or ceramic technology built into them as a standard feature. Ionic hair dryers release ions that reduce frizz and static after washing hair, and also add high shine. However, ceramic hair dryers will help to control the heat, releasing minerals so that the hair can retain its moisture. Beware of using a non-professional dryer, they use a DC motor and this is designed for at-home use and usually come with fewer heat and speed settings. Although available at a cheaper price point, they will not produce the professional salon results your clients are looking for and are not designed to withstand everyday use for long periods of time.

Digital motor technology is one of the most sought after features to look for in a dryer. Dryers with this digital motors are high powered, lightweight yet quiet meaning great for a busy salons, as well as giving you the ability to continue your conversations with clients whilst drying. The ETI DG Light 38000 boasts a high 2400W output, 2 speed settings, 4 heat settings and a cold shot button, making a great choice for use in the salon.

When you choose your salon hair dryer, it would be great if it came with accessories to help you style clients hair whilst drying. A concentrator nozzle is great for drying hair straight and a diffuser is suitable for curly hair. Another accessory on some hair dryers is a cold shot button, which allows cool air to come through, great for when you are styling clients hair into place.

If you’re still not sure on which is the best dryer for you or your salon, browse through our extensive range of salon professional hair dryers from the industry top brands such as Babyliss and ETI and more!

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