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Healthy Hair Habits: The DO’s And Dont’s Of Heat Tools

Healthy Hair Habits: The DO’s And Dont’s Of Heat Tools

Whether it's straightening, curling or waving, these tools are like magic wands for transforming locks into any style desired. But as much as we adore them, we also need to be mindful of their impact on hair's health. So, let's see how to prevent hair heat damage to keep those locks looking fabulous without sacrificing their well-being.


Use Heat Protectant:

  • Before you even think about firing up your styling tool, grab that trusty heat protectant spray or serum. It's like giving the hair a shield against the heat, preventing damage, and keeping it happy and healthy.

Temperature Control is Key:

  • Adjust the heat settings based on your hair type—lower for fine hair, higher for thicker locks—to minimize heat-damaged hair and maximize style, as higher heat settings can lead to increased damage.

Invest Wisely:

  • Quality matters when it comes to heat tools. 
  • Investing in a high-quality tool can make a world of difference. Look for features like ceramic plates or tourmaline technology for gentler styling and less damage.

Take Breaks Between Styling Sessions:

  • Your hair needs a breather too! Try not to go overboard with the heat styling—give your locks a day or two off between styling sessions to recuperate and rejuvenate.


Avoid Regular Trims:

  • Regular trims are essential for keeping hair in tip-top shape. Encourage clients to schedule those salon appointments every 6-8 weeks to keep split ends at bay.

Style Wet Hair:

  • Applying heat to damp locks is a recipe for disaster, leading to steam damage and potential breakage. Make sure hair is thoroughly dry before reaching for the heat tools.

Turn a Blind Eye to Damage:

  • Your hair has a way of telling you when it's not happy—dryness, split ends, lacklustre shine—the signs are there. If  hair is showing signs of damage, it's time to give it a break from the heat and show it some extra care. (read our blog to learn more about hair care)

How to fix heat-damaged hair

To revive heat-damaged hair. Use gentle, nourishing hair products and do weekly deep conditioning treatments. Wash the hair less often to avoid drying it out and shield it from the sun. Also, eat a balanced diet to support hair health. With patience and care, you can bring your hair back to life!

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