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Clipper Troubleshooting & Maintenance

Proper maintenance is required to prolong the lifespan of your clippers and maintain any warranty you may have on your clippers.

This includes:

  1. Oiling the blades regularly using clipper oil
  2. Following the guidelines provided in the included instruction manual on blade care and cleaning. If you require a replacement instruction booklet please contact customer support.
  3. DO NOT hang your clipper by the mains/power lead. Use the clipper's integrated hanging loop when storing your clipper.
  4. Products which feature a rechargable battery need to have their battery fully drained at least every month, followed by a full overnight charge.
  5. Check and adjust the position of your power screw regularly. We recommend once a week, in line with your cleaning.

Be aware that as electrical goods, clippers cannot be returned if the product packaging has been opened unless the product is deemed to be faulty. Please also note that improper usage or maintenance can cause clippers to perform poorly. If clippers returned as faulty are found to be working, Hairdressing Supplies reserves the right to refuse a return and offer you your item back. 


Skin Abrasions

Here are the 3 most common reasons for skin abrasions to occur:

  1. BLADE POSITIONING The bottom blades on all WAHL clippers and trimmers are fixed (they don’t move), the top blade is the moving, or cutting blade. When the tool is positioned with the moving blade directly on the skin, it will cause disruption, leading to abrasion. The blade should be positioned at a 90-145 degree angle when using a trimmer. Never rake the tool down or against the growth pattern on neck leading with the cutting blade, turn trimmer up-side-down (teeth facing ground), position fixed blade on neck then cut.
  2. IMPROPER ADJUSTING When adjusting blades to flush or zero overlap (recommended for advanced users only), it is crucial the top cutting blade does not extend over the bottom fixed blade, thus creating an over-bite. When this happens, the cutting blade will ‘chew’ the skin, regardless of the positioned angle of the blade. An even, flush blade will feel smooth to the touch – an overbite will snag.
  3. HEAVY-HANDED USER A new or unfamiliar clipper user tends to have a tight grip and heavy hand (push hard when using tools). As skills and techniques improve and tools are upgraded, it is essential the grip and pressure is adjusted accordingly. Keep in mind the shorter and closer the blade teeth are, the quicker the cutting blade receives the hair, therefore only a light grip and slight tapping pressure is required to cut the hair. Otherwise there is a risk of harming the skin.


Please see below for information on blade replacement, cleaning and oiling of your clippers



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